Tickets to EITHER Permanent OR Temporary Exhibitions 

Full fare                                           
- Adults 
1.000 Ft
Discount fares 
- students and Senior Citizens  
500 Ft
Groups (10 persons or more) 
- groups of adults                                                                                      - groups of students and senior citizens 
500 Ft
250 Ft
Photo card    
Visitors can take only general photos – pictures from single objects
should be taken only with the permission of the director of the museum.
1.000 Ft
Video ticket fare  1.500 Ft
Guided tours 
- adult groups             
- groups of students and senior citizens                                                
- singles            


Education group visits (must be pre booked)  3.000 Ft/hour 
Escape room 1.500Ft/person
Free entrance for every exhibitions (also for Citizens of the European Union): 
a./ Children under age 6
b./ Persons with disabilities accompanied by one attendant each
c./ People possessing a free admission delivered by the cultural minister 
d./ Museological organizations with 400 or more members 
e./ Teachers working in the public education 
f./ People aged 70 and over 
g./ Local groups of students, attended by a teacher 
Free entrance on National Holidays of the Hungarian Republic: 15th March., 20th August, 23rd October
Free entrance for the permanent exhibition (also for Citizens of the European Union): 
On every second Saturday 
a./ people under 26 
b./ companions of people under 18 (up to 2 relatives) 
Discount (half price) tickets for the permanent and temporal exhibitions (also for Citizens of the European Union): 
a./ from age 6 to 26 
b./ over 62 years 
c./ escorts for two or more persons under 18 (up to 2 close relatives) 
Tax rate of every ticket: 27 percent.
Sale of tickets stops 30 minutes before closing time.
The prices are based on the Government Regulation 194/2000. (XI.24.) about the discounts for museum visitors.